Cutting Costs for Schools

/Cutting Costs for Schools

A Large Northeast School with 14,000 students and 20 Buildings

Background and Challenge

Schools are in a financial crunch. They are trying to fund new technology while battling a budget that is either flat or in need of cutting due to reduced state financial aid, property tax caps and/or rising medical insurance costs.

This school wanted to decrease expenses, strengthen their service levels and wanted the category of Copiers & Printers to be easier to manage.

They did not know how to accurately examine their costs and turned to NovaLinxs to conduct an analysis and facilitate renegotiating with their provider.

Bottom line – the business administrator wanted to find money and “keep their phones from ringing.

Approach and Recommendations

Using our proven approach, NovaLinxs has consistently saved schools an average of 47%.

Organization & Analysis

Our analyst, working alongside the school’s business administrator, gathered all invoices and leases and examined where efficiency could be increased and costs lowered.

Strategy Development

We confirmed exactly what was working and what was needed in an upgraded solution.

Execute the Savings Plan

It was agreed to go out for a competitive bid since the expectation was the savings would be significant – i.e. greater than 50%.


Ultimately, we negotiated with the existing provider, Xerox, who delivered a solution superior to the existing one with significant cost reductions. The results were even better than expected.