Top 100 Global Law Firm

/Top 100 Global Law Firm


Background and Challenge

NovaLinxs recently performed a Benchmark Analysis, RFP Creation and Solution Implementation for a top 100 global law firm. The purpose of this effort was to perform a comprehensive analysis of equipment leases and service agreements in order to increase profitability, improve the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Effectively help support the vision of transforming the technological landscape for their students, while lowering costs.

Increased security, accessibility of printing anywhere in color, print tracking and improved service.

We must deliver a solution that also meets an aggressive timetable for their newly relocated Charlotte campus as well as the start of a new school year.

Approach and Recommendations

We started with an analysis of the lease and service agreement to pinpoint areas of improvement, such as removing price escalators, one-sided contract and service level terms.

Software Solution

Since global print management and the ability to track prints and network devices was imperative to support the students’ needs an upgrade in the PaperCut software was chosen.

Vendor Relationship

Because of our combined experience we were able to quickly determine the providers capable of fulfilling their specific needs. The Request for Proposal (RFP) was sent to (2) qualified providers.

Benchmark Analysis

Utilizing our pricing benchmarks and extensive database, we conducted a thorough comparison and simplified the process so the Pfeiffer Team, led by Scott Perry DTT Operations Manager, could make an informed decision.


The savings results are shown on a like for like basis. The proposed solution upgrades all current products, processes and equipment that the client utlizes today. It also includes the same contract stipulations and terms that were agreed to in the previous agreement, along with any additional requests made for this new contract.

  • Existing
  • Current

A 42% reduction in cost over a 5-year term.


We were able to deliver a provider with the best service record, and improved contract terms.


Our solution satisfied every one of Pfeiffer’s needs and we did it in the timeframe requested.