Managing Restrictive Budgets

One of the most challenging jobs that a Business Administrator has is to create an annual budget that does not cut essential services for students, teachers and staff. Our advisory service is a financial one that does not disrupt or limit your staff or students in any manner, but provides you with expertise to manage and reduce your costs.

Controlling Costs

These are the times of reduced funding, property tax caps and rising medical benefits along with the demand for increased investments in advanced security and education technology. Where does the money come from?
Our team of financial professionals works with your district to uncover substantial savings for services already in place. In many schools, the category of copy/print is often over looked.

Maintain Vendor Stability

We know how important it is for you to have peace of mind with reliable vendors. We have been successful in providing significant savings, while in most cases keeping you with your current vendor. If your vendor has not performed to your satisfaction, we will send out a Request For Proposal (RFP) and a new vendor can be selected.

Enhance Education Technology

With rapidly changing advancements in technology and STEM and STEAM programs in their infancy, how do schools keep up with the essential technology needed for the education of their children? Many have reinvested the savings we uncover into these important endeavors.

Our Approach

NovaLinxs specializes in finding innovative routes for saving your school, college, or university money and other valuable resources.

We have a proven track-record of helping educational institutions identify areas of overspending and lowering costs with our expense reduction process.


We begin by working with your school’s leadership to develop a transparent look at your bottom line.


Next, our team compares your spending with national industry benchmarks to identify areas of possible savings.


Finally, we develop and execute your custom savings plan to improve your school’s bottom-line and efficiency.

Let’s Get Started

Keys To Success

Decrease monthly lease payments

Reduce the cost of your usage

Improve the terms of your current agreements

Optimize utilization and minimize associated expenses


Average Tenure of Advisors


Average Lease Cost Reduction


Average Copy & Print Reduction


Success Rate

But don't take our word for it

Here is what our school clients had to say:


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